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There are three essentials in life, three things you never leave home without; your keys, your wallet, and your phone.

With these three things you are prepared to handle almost anything that can happen. But what if your phone’s battery runs out? Sure, you have a charger at home, but it’s not with you when you need it the most; when going from one important meeting to another, on an adventure with your friends, filming your daughter’s first steps in the park.

With SEYVR you can charge your phone on the spot, whenever you need it.


You might run out of cash, but you’ll never run out of power

SEYVR is a slim and effective wallet with a built in 1400mAh Li-Po battery that can charge your phone anytime you need it. The battery is recharged using the supplied USB cable.

“We all need a SEYVR now and then”

*Lightning version compatible with iPhone 5/5c/5S/6/6 Plus, MicroUSB version compatible with all phones that charge with Micro USB type B plug connectors



Order for iPhone € 69.95 Order for Android € 59.95


about the company

Unikia is a Norwegian product development company that is creating brands and products for worldwide consumption. We focus on developing and finding innovative products that solves everyday challenges and problems.

Unikia was founded in early 2012, and has since established 27 brands, and launched over 250 products to date, several of which have received recognition, awards, and great praise in the international market place. Our ambition is to achieve yearly revenues of 150 MUSD by 2015, and in the process become one of Europe’s most innovative companies. We believe we can develop high quality, functional and aesthetically fabulous products quicker, with a leaner organization and a higher success rate than anyone else.

To achieve our ambition, we are building a team of people wanting to create extraordinary results and work with the best companies. Do you believe you have what it takes to join us? Drop us a line at


Head office

Unikia AS
Address: Karl Johans gate 13, 0154 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 920 40 756

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